Main Street Scholars (MSS) is a private, independent non-profit corporation (tax ID 81-3541206) offering full service educational programs including after-school tutoringHome School,  SAT and ACT Preparation, and College Advising. Our teachers and tutors are highly qualified instructors who believe all children can learn and do thrive in the right setting with the right support.

During the daytime hours (9 a.m.–3 p.m.) Main Street Scholars serves home-schooled students both in middle and high school (ages 12–17) focusing on CDE Standards. We primarily serve Coastside students in a non-traditional but structured setting.


Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–noon

Ages 7–10 | $250, Class size limited to 6

Exploration of the Rainforest July 10–14
Mathy Science July 10–14
Sewing with Friends July 17–21
Cooking July 31–Aug 4
Scene and Screenwriting July 24–28

9th grade–11th grade | $300, Class size limited to 10

Calculus Preview July 24–28; July 31–Aug 4
Five essays in five days:
SAT essay writing July 10–14
ACT essay writing July 17–21



Exploration of the Rainforest | July 10–14

Join us under the canopy as we learn about the rainforest and the amazing animals that live there. This unique ecosystem is filled with fascinating sights and sounds and tremendous biodiversity. Have you ever seen a leaf as big as an umbrella or a frog the size of your fingernail? Our exploration of the rainforest will engage your children’s curiosity and imagination through hands-on learning, games, activities and crafts.

Sewing with Friends | July 31–August 4

Sewing is a great way to develop friendships and unleash your imagination and creativity! In this class, we will learn basic hand sewing techniques and stitches. We will also learn to safely operate a sewing machine. Students will create useful projects they can take home and enjoy and will complete a simple project that will support a non-profit organization.


We would like to thank you for your dedication in helping our son Justin over the past six months. You have such a unique way of integrating the content of subjects into projects that have helped our son become more successful in all of his classes. He has become increasingly interested in his work, is taking responsibility and has gained self-confidence in his ability to accomplish tasks. We are excited about him joining your school for the upcoming school year and know that he will be successful with your guidance, support and encouragement.
- Mark & Joy